Team Management

Communication has never been so easy and flexible with the ability to communicate in instant messages, emails and chats to your team, unlimited groups within a team or the individual athletes themselves. Be able to review all of theses messages at the touch of a button.

Document and Video management and distribution is a breeze. These can directed to the entire team, a specific group within the team or specific athlete. The individual app then allows the athlete to access these documents and videos from one screen without the need to perform complex searching.

The extensive Calendar features can also be created for a team, group or selected individuals. The app then consolidates this view for the athlete to see all events from multiple teams, and groups in one easy to manage place.

Entity Management

The platform caters for a wide range of entity types from Organisations, Associations, Clubs, Competitions ,Teams and even Applications.

The platform's unique linking system means an organisation can keep track of all its affiliated associations, clubs, competitions and their respective teams with ease. Within each entity the administrators can create any number of sub groups for communication and distribution purposes.

The groups feature allows team managers, associations, clubs and coaches to access information about groups, teams and individual players.


The communications feature includes teams, groups and personal chat options. Any person can message any team member either through message to their devices or email. If a player is under the age of 18 their parents can be added as a source of contact which then includes them in the communication threads. A coach is able to access past records of a player, make calls directly from the app.

External service providers such as Physio’s and doctors have the ability to add content to the status of the athlete they are treating with recommendations for recovery and the treatment plan for the players injury. This information is then readily available to the coach as they commence training.

Document & Video Management

As part of the sports management solutions, OwnUrGoal has the capability for both upload, store and distribute documents and videos to any team, group of individuals.


The security system in place is data driven, meaning that there is ability to set different user levels within the platform. With this, specific security logins are required for different levels of access which can restrict what members see within the platform.


The calendar element of the app allows a staff to create events to effectively manage time. The app enables staff to set up practices, games and notify players of any changes.

Team managers are able to create media events and meetings that notify players of locations, time and key information.

Event Management

Staff can establish events or courses to accept and track bookings and payments.

A coach is able to record attendances of an individual and streamline communication between coach and player through notifications.


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