Athlete Management

Monitor athlete loads to help reduce illness and injuries while offering a competitive advantage which will assist coaches to make more informed decisions.

Whilst the athlete may have several coaches across various teams the system gives each coach a consolidated view of their athletes in graphical or calendar forms.

Simplified reporting allows the coach to quickly make sense of the data with easy to read identifies of over or under training for each athlete.

The platform also tracks an athlete’s stress, fatigue, muscle soreness, Sleep Quality and duration, motivation and general well-being. Further, the coach can configure alerts on athletes reporting sick or injured to stay connected to your athletes at all times.

Simplified wellness reports make it easy to identifing those athletes at risk.

Load Management

The load features allow players to enter all their activities and on a daily basis no matter what team or social activity they participate in. Coaches can then assess the load of each individual player instantly and easily using the platform's Load dashboards.

This enablement to quickly assess an athlete's load will help prevent injury and better assist the coach advise on time management and effectiveness of training for each of their athletes.

Wellness Management

In today's society of social media and the stress placed on young athletes it is important that coaches are connected to their athlete's and are at least aware of the athlete’s wellbeing. The platform provides a quick and easy mechanisms to enter daily wellness for the athletes. Scores are calculated each week and notifications are sent to the coach when a wellness score is abnormal.

This feature streamlines the communication between coach and player. This feature helps monitor mental health and physical wellbeing to assist coaches in effectively communicating to team members.

Communication through the device allows players to easily communicate emotions and enables coaches to practically monitor and support the player.


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